Attitude of Gratitute

disabilty, hockeymom, motherhood

Dear Awesome Mom,

You know who you are because you have recently commented. I wanted to let you know that you ARE an awesome Mom. We all don’t hear that enough in my honest opinion.

Maybe it is because I’ve been dragged, kicking and screaming mind you, into the world of chronic and often times debilitating disability, that I have a different perspective on life, but I think we need more praise less criticism and more I LOVE YOUS!

Please don’t confuse this as preachiness, I hate that crap! I also hate Mom-Shaming, Mom-Bullying and all the other grown-up Mean Girl CRAP!

Don’t get me wrong – I have my own Burn Book – it’s electronic too! However, the thoughts in my head, are and will remain mine and no amount of filtering/social convention can stop them, they are the few true things that I can call mine.

So rock on you awesome, free-spirited, car loving, singing woman of awesomeness! Let’s enjoy another road trip sometime!

Love always,

Mamasaurus AKA Sister Hockey Wife


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