Disability and Anarchy

disabilty, hockeymom, motherhood

Dear “Ethical” Ones,

As it has been awhile since my last post, you all might have wondered where I have been, so I’ll recap:

1) Trying to schedule my three hockey, playing honor student musicians. One of those has decided that SHE wants to play on two hockey teams now. Please note that I obey ALL local speed ordinances…

2) Caring for aforementioned hockey player who, after playing four (4) hockey games in two (2) different states, decided that she needed an extended checkout due to a fever that came out of nowhere. Nursing to my own sufferings as well by taking a leisurely pace home.

3) Helping a severely injured girl at a recreational bouncing club where my children were at a birthday party. Yeah Mrs. Birkin Bag 2014 – you need to go to Albany Med – bring a change of clothes – you’ll be there awhile. BTW – thanks for the update via text that you promised. Good thing you allowed people to call the Med and check on her condition. Yeah Mrs. Sorry to Ruin your Dinner plans, I actually really care about and love children – PERIOD. Mine or someone else’s, it doesn’t matter. If a child is hurt in my vicinity, I’m not going to take picture on my iPhone I’m going to go and help. (BTW IDIOT with the iPhone – you publish my picture on the web without my consent – I hope you have LOTS of insurance! 😉

4) Dealing with the unbelievable and daunting Team Manager of my husband’s hockey team duties. I do it for the kids. PERIOD. I don’t’ do it for the glory, the power, or even the fabulous prizes, I do it to support my children, my husband, their friends and the team. DO NOT EVER question my authority to be a PARENT. I need only Exhibits A & B.

  • Exhibit A – Honors College Mechanical Engineering Giant – plays ice hockey and roller hockey. Rides a motorcycle. Loves his siblings and friends. Hard working, loving and kind.
  • Exhibit B – Honors College Biology/Pre-Veterinary Medicine Major currently in Australia finishing up a Southern Hemisphere study year abroad. Loves singing, dancing, swimming, sunning, playing rugby, doing musical theater and generally living life to it fullest.  She loves animals and especially love meeting new people and exploring the real culture of the places in which she travels to.

So for all those wishing to stand in judgement of me and my behaviors I have but one thing to say. God is my ONLY judge.

Fight the power!


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