PLEASE SIGN UP TO BE AN ORGAN DONOR! I have one friend alive and playing with his children because of a donor kidney and one that is no longer on this earth due to none being available. My heart is heavy today with the memory of the latter and news of a freind just now needing dialysis forever because he is ineliglble for the “list”. You can’t take them with you PLEASE give the gift of life!

Love, Mamasaurus

You’re Wearing That?????!!!!!

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Dear Women and Men and Those Who Don’t Identify with Gender at All,

Perhaps this comment is to you sitting there in the comfort of your warm surroundings on your iPad, or maybe you’re a poor young woman, struggling to buy appropriate clothing for your job on a tight budget, sitting at a library PC or on your smartphone, or you’re not – anyway you are seeing this – I want to give you permission to wear what you feel comfortable in and not let anyone, HEAR ME, anyone tell you differently.

I’m so sorry that society has turned on you – you beautiful creatures of all shapes and sizes. I’m sorry that my daughters (and sons too) have to guard everyday against the hatred that women (and men who want to be comfortable and/or push the conventional fashion envelope.) face every day: The dreaded comment, “You’re Wearing That?????!!!!!”

Who freaking cares? Really – think about it. Women, children, PEOPLE are being slaughtered, raped and beheaded worldwide and you are worried about someone telling you your a@$ looks fat?

Come on people – we are better than that!

Love to you all!


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Mi voz fuerte

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Dear Ignorant Commenter on a FB page,

You are a coward. You had the nerve to complain about a person in a wheelchair taking too long to get on a public bus? Wow!!!! I pray for your immortal soul.

As a 39 year old mother of five children, my life was filled with busyness, a full time job, vacations that were scheduled, music lessons, dance lessons, etc., as well as my volunteer and philanthropic activities.

Fast forward to today, I’m still a mother of five, but I’m permanently disabled and mobility impaired due to auto-immune diseases and a mild tremor disorder.

I would love to not make people wait in line while it takes me longer to check out at a store, endure the glares and snide comments from ignorant people who comment on my parking in a handicapped space because I don’t look handicapped; but I’m glad that I do, because my disability has not taken my voice.

My voice can be used to advocate for those with disabilities that go home and cry to their parents and their caregivers because a person like the one commenting there yelled at them and they can’t yell back. The person you are shaming and complaining about is someone’s child, mother, father, husband, wife and/or friend.

I sure hope we meet, someday and that you are courageous enough to stand up for your views, in person.

I double dog dare you!

In solidarity,


To Be or Not To Be – that should never be the question…

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Happy Epiphany!

Yup today’s post is about revelations.  Revelations AKA Epiphanies are extremely important as you travel this journey called life.

Quite a few friends are journeying with me. Unfortunately, many will be let off at the next stop. Neither they nor their baggage are welcome on my journey.

Hockey is never about hockey to me. Hockey is about teamwork, about working together to achieve a common goal, or even just to find one true friend; it is NEVER about hockey.

I never have played ice hockey, or street hockey, or even roller hockey. I’m a poor skater that grew up with hand me down figure skates and the luck of knowing a farmer with a pond.

My husband loves hockey. So do my children. He grew up in Utica NY, skating on the flats and playing shinny hockey. He is an average skater, a decent shot, but a fabulous coach.

Recent events caused by parents (Ones that mind you that were never really athletes!) on a team that will not be named, has caused the love of hockey, working with young people and just being on the ice to cease to be fun for him and by my love for him, me too. That is not cool.

No one should ever be forced to be. No one should be forced to be who they are not.


God bless,


“Avete molti angeli prendersi cura di ti. Dio sia con ti. buonanotte.”

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Good Monday Morning Warriors!

Yeah, I know I’m here writing and not making lunches quite yet, but, as you know I’m a champion procrastinator.  I have a blue ribbon – if you want to see it come here real close…

So, you are asking yourselves, “Why the Italian?”

As in my last post, Italy and the Vatican are in my mind quite often and a young family and most especially a little 18 month old are in my daily prayers.

One of my ‘Rainbow Children” is currently on his trip of lifetime to Europe and North Africa. I am regaling in his travels and his FB posts make me feel as if I am right there with him, eating pizza, sneaking out of the monastary inn, and loving the history, culture and people that are Europe.

Basically, on these cold upstate New York mornings, I live vicariously through him, and dream of the day that I will be there.

Lately it seems that I have chosen, yet again, to allow people “in” that just don’t understand how I roll and when they inevitably become dishonest, untrustworthy or downright judgemental or mean, they must be exorsized from my life.

Now, now you say, people are human – they are imperfect creatures – and you have to give them a chance. Yup, you may be right – YOU being the key – I don’t have to do anything.

A dear friend, going through her own very real struggles, took the time to allow me to cry and show my frustrations yesterday on the phone. I really shouldn’t have, but I just couldn’t hold it in any longer.

Instead of being like some of the new ‘fly by night” friends that my mother, tormented in her own right, warned me about, my angel LISTENED! She showed great concern, empathy and caring – those gifts in a friend are so rare today that when you find one of these angels hold on to them for dear life.

So friends, happy first day of school, back to work or just Happy Monday!

Know that indeed angels are with you and as you go today, as always, may God bless you.