“Avete molti angeli prendersi cura di ti. Dio sia con ti. buonanotte.”

Catholic, disabilty, hockeymom, motherhood

Good Monday Morning Warriors!

Yeah, I know I’m here writing and not making lunches quite yet, but, as you know I’m a champion procrastinator.  I have a blue ribbon – if you want to see it come here real close…

So, you are asking yourselves, “Why the Italian?”

As in my last post, Italy and the Vatican are in my mind quite often and a young family and most especially a little 18 month old are in my daily prayers.

One of my ‘Rainbow Children” is currently on his trip of lifetime to Europe and North Africa. I am regaling in his travels and his FB posts make me feel as if I am right there with him, eating pizza, sneaking out of the monastary inn, and loving the history, culture and people that are Europe.

Basically, on these cold upstate New York mornings, I live vicariously through him, and dream of the day that I will be there.

Lately it seems that I have chosen, yet again, to allow people “in” that just don’t understand how I roll and when they inevitably become dishonest, untrustworthy or downright judgemental or mean, they must be exorsized from my life.

Now, now you say, people are human – they are imperfect creatures – and you have to give them a chance. Yup, you may be right – YOU being the key – I don’t have to do anything.

A dear friend, going through her own very real struggles, took the time to allow me to cry and show my frustrations yesterday on the phone. I really shouldn’t have, but I just couldn’t hold it in any longer.

Instead of being like some of the new ‘fly by night” friends that my mother, tormented in her own right, warned me about, my angel LISTENED! She showed great concern, empathy and caring – those gifts in a friend are so rare today that when you find one of these angels hold on to them for dear life.

So friends, happy first day of school, back to work or just Happy Monday!

Know that indeed angels are with you and as you go today, as always, may God bless you.



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