The Deep Freeze and the Path to Enlightenment


Thinking about how long it has been since I had to just sit and relax.  A sick kid and the severe cold weather’s affect on my joints put plans on hold today and I enjoyed just being and resting.  No one else should force you to ever relinquish your family nor your health, moral or religious values.  Peace is knowing your truth and having the moral backbone to act and walk in  the light.  Been down a lot of dark paths and had too many interactions with immoral people of late and turned away.  I have turned away before and I will always.  Stay true to yourself and those that you love. If it feels wrong,  it is wrong to your truth.  You don’t like what I have to say,  listen to your truth and walk away.  Love to my true friends and family!

IMG_20150215_071152380_HDRLove,  Mamasaurus


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