1000 Voices for Compassion


Good morning Roarers!

Today is a special day.  In solidarity with bloggers worldwide,  I am putting forth a message of love,  compassion and support. 

Krol –  your willingness to Roll with the punches and support me warts and all,  become an Auntie to my tribe and to make me laugh until I cry is more than anyone deserves,  but as we have seen,  was destined.

DebbieDoo –  your willingness to do the unimaginable and make it fun (Hillbilly Bouncity Bounce)  to know without a word and be an amazingly loving and caring person that I only can dream of being is why I love you. 

DeeDee –  when the heck did we get old enough (you obviously are older <3) that you are going to be a Grandmother?  I close my eyes and can hear you say in,  “Sure go for it! (Bikini contest with no bikini)  I also remember your waddling back when you were with our Mommy to be invitro.  Too many laughs to be considered. 


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