The City of Brotherly Love and Rock Star Superpowers


Took 36 hours off and went to Philadelphia to drain and recharge my batteries.  Got to see Engineerasaurus  score a goal,  but most importantly to be a part of the dynamic that is him growing into a young man. I also got to spend 4 hours in the car with Biolosaurus  and sing songs,  talk and giggle like we haven’t been able to in a while.  I thank God every day for my big,  non-traditional family and my awesome Papasaurus  who stayed home with the JV squad to clean the house and get them ready for the new sports season ahead.  I know I caused him grief by rolling into the driveway at 6:55 AM this morning just that bit late for him to leave for work,  but I needed a shower and a nap at 1 am and 3 am as I’m not a 20 year old rock star any more!  I spent most of today in sleep deprived blissful sleep. Now,  I take up the dinner making gauntlet once again!


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