Serendipity Blues



After 32 days,  20 states,  5 Indian Nations,  4 time zones (Arizona!)  and 10,750 miles my family is “home.”  Thinking of the amazing adventures, sights and sounds have overwhelmed me in a cacophony of feelings.  How can I possibly sleep in my own bed without the sounds of coyotes chattering their ancient stories?  The smells of lemon verbena and sage brush filled my senses as we sauntered across the prairie on a moonlit night – a reminder of our connection to the earth.    Roaring waters of the North Pacific –  the Siren’s call to frolic in its immense cold beauty.  Stars touched the earth – Canyonland’s dark sparkling lights of the universe. Glacial peaks reaching to the heavens beaconing the clouds fluffy pillows to rest.  I sleep now to immerse myself in the reality of reunion with the land and sea once again. Serendipity will be my guide,  no worries my anthem,  memories my song to shake the blues of responsibility from my soul.



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