Writing has been so very difficult for me lately as I have been bombarded with emotions. My friend and political compatriot passed away 6 weeks ago. He was a role model to my son who helped him and his wife with yard chores. My son has been struggling with how to feel, what to do,  and just plain feeling sad at his passing. I hurt trying to be a wise mother – trying to tell him how to cope, when I cowardly can’t even beign to.

Yesterday, I happened to come across a FB message to him a few months before he passed. Always witty, even in the his darkest hours and while under extreme pain, Nathan exemplified courage

Now my friend from HS has lost her 25-year-old son to the same disease. Wanting nothing from us but prayers, she reached out  yesterday to wish my son a happy birthday on the same day she publicly said goodbye forever to her son. Sam demonstrates courage beyond my comprehension.

My eldest son’s friend from youth hockey days welcomed his first-born son the other day via video stream. He serves us all in the Middle East. He shows me a type of selfless courage to serve others and delaying his joy until he can come home to his young wife and son.

My heart is overwhelmed by the courage of these people. People that I have been blessed to have in my life to show me that nothing is beyond hope, beyond love, beyond friendship.

Courage is boundless.