The City of Brotherly Love and Rock Star Superpowers


Took 36 hours off and went to Philadelphia to drain and recharge my batteries.  Got to see Engineerasaurus  score a goal,  but most importantly to be a part of the dynamic that is him growing into a young man. I also got to spend 4 hours in the car with Biolosaurus  and sing songs,  talk and giggle like we haven’t been able to in a while.  I thank God every day for my big,  non-traditional family and my awesome Papasaurus  who stayed home with the JV squad to clean the house and get them ready for the new sports season ahead.  I know I caused him grief by rolling into the driveway at 6:55 AM this morning just that bit late for him to leave for work,  but I needed a shower and a nap at 1 am and 3 am as I’m not a 20 year old rock star any more!  I spent most of today in sleep deprived blissful sleep. Now,  I take up the dinner making gauntlet once again!


Hi-Tech Motherhood and the 21st Century Economy



Greetings from Albany Law School. I would not be here if it were not for Arcadia Spring Break and Biolosaurus being my sister nanny for the day.

There is my point. As an economist by training, educational technologist and teacher by profession, hi-tech entrepreneur by layoff, and most importantly Mamasaurus through gift from God, the ability to take a day to recharge my intellectual battery is an amazing achievement.

Graduation is rapidly approaching for my Engineerasaurus and I am forced to look back on 2010 and where I was at this time prior to his previous commencement.

2010 I was working 40 to 60 hours a week at 3 different job sites (schools and BOCES) 2.5 hours away,  renting a house,  trying to mother 5 busy children including a 3 year old,  being a daughter to an Alzheimers patient and finally a wife of 19 years who was not doing a great job at any of the occupations.

2015 I am happy. Mamasaurus and wife is my joy not my job.

The difference is tangible!

#1000speak Compassion for the Neurodivergent


1000speak is my way to say thanks and to point out a different way of thinking and to have compassion for those “different”  –  why do we fear difference?  Why was I wired so differently that instead of running from difference,  difficulty and division,  I embrace it and I would posit that I try to understand why it is so feared.  It is not easy.  I present this symbol today.  It is the symbol of neurodiversity.  Neurodiversity is the diversity of human brains and minds – the infinite variation in neurocognitive functioning within our species. It can and is shown often as a symbol in the autism rights movement.  As my sister was diagnosed as being autistic at a young age and as my mother vehemently fought the diagnosis and with my multiple disabling conditions (including mild neurological conditions and Tourettes)  I want to place this out “on the line” to raise awareness and compassion for those struggling.  To think about autism and other neurological conditions as not something bad, but as a normal divergence from the bell curve is just fantastic!


1000 Voices for Compassion


Good morning Roarers!

Today is a special day.  In solidarity with bloggers worldwide,  I am putting forth a message of love,  compassion and support. 

Krol –  your willingness to Roll with the punches and support me warts and all,  become an Auntie to my tribe and to make me laugh until I cry is more than anyone deserves,  but as we have seen,  was destined.

DebbieDoo –  your willingness to do the unimaginable and make it fun (Hillbilly Bouncity Bounce)  to know without a word and be an amazingly loving and caring person that I only can dream of being is why I love you. 

DeeDee –  when the heck did we get old enough (you obviously are older <3) that you are going to be a Grandmother?  I close my eyes and can hear you say in,  “Sure go for it! (Bikini contest with no bikini)  I also remember your waddling back when you were with our Mommy to be invitro.  Too many laughs to be considered. 

50 Shades of Too Much Information?


Agreed – hey do what you want in the confines of your private space – I don’t care to see it! Thanks!

Extreme Mom

Propaganda for 50 Shades of Grey is everywhere. Not only are snippets flashing across the flat screens in our private living rooms, it’s popping up on covers of magazines at the doctors office, and on the radio as we drive our kids to school. The hype is practically inescapable.

The underlying message is sex and like it or not, this message has been let loose in society, where it’s being absorbed by incidental osmosis… most notably by the next generation.

Subliminal seeds germinated through simple exposure.

I’m not implying that the majority of young people understand or are even privy to the explicit details and inner workings of 50 Shades or the S & M culture, but I am, however, confident that the related hype supports the general message that – sex is all the rage… and kinky  sex is even better.

The $64,000 question is – will…

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Mental Illness caused by Psychological Damage and Abuse


You never know who you walk next to. Be kind smile, say hello, if you can. Pray or give a a positive thought, even to those who most try and oppress you. Unlike a magnet, positive attracts positive.


* this post is in honor of Silvergirl who is a wonderful wounded healer and has an excellent blog on wordpress*

People with mental illness often have psychological damage from being subject to “Situations that Must never Be”.  This is my phrase for any situation which is causing log term damage to a person in any physical or mental way.

These situations that must never be, are many and come in many forms. Any situation of mental abuse or physical abuse of a person should not be. The sad fact is that these situations occur every day. People are suffering in relationships like these as we speak. You might be one of them.

You have chosen to click on this post because the title of it struck a nerve with you. Most likely you have been abused in your lifetime. It may have been during your childhood and / or…

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The Deep Freeze and the Path to Enlightenment


Thinking about how long it has been since I had to just sit and relax.  A sick kid and the severe cold weather’s affect on my joints put plans on hold today and I enjoyed just being and resting.  No one else should force you to ever relinquish your family nor your health, moral or religious values.  Peace is knowing your truth and having the moral backbone to act and walk in  the light.  Been down a lot of dark paths and had too many interactions with immoral people of late and turned away.  I have turned away before and I will always.  Stay true to yourself and those that you love. If it feels wrong,  it is wrong to your truth.  You don’t like what I have to say,  listen to your truth and walk away.  Love to my true friends and family!

IMG_20150215_071152380_HDRLove,  Mamasaurus

Faith, Estrogen and Entrepreneurship


As I am writing this blog post it is in the early morning after my attendance at a Girl Power tournament loooong weekend, the Always sponsored “Run Like a Girl Superbowl Ad” with the culminating event last night about women entrepreneurs. To say I’m on estrogen overload is an understatement. I’m having so much estrogen fighting my testosterone that I feel like I need to punch something and eat raw meat to bring balance to my universe!


Why does being a “woman” mean you have to be a back biting mean girl?

Why does being a woman mean you have to NOT “run like a girl”?

Why do woman entrepreneurs have to lose their faith?

Those are the three MAJOR concepts I’m contemplating this morning!

1) MEAN GIRLS – they are everywhere, at every age and will never be eradicated from this earth. I choose to confront them, head on like a charging Mamasaurus!  Send me a forest full of “letters” and “warnings” – I could use the toilet paper. You know I’m ultimately right. I never fight unless I am. Silly – you will learn that.

2) Are you kidding me? That’s the best you can come up with Always? Really? PATHETIC!!!! Women lose confidence at 12 because that’s when the mean girl bullying about appearance (6th grade!) and when most girls start menstruating. So that’s your subtle advertising? Urgh!!! I might have been more impressed with it (doubt it!) if it was at least sponsored by Nike, Reebok or another athletic company.  Do I dare ask, “What if I don’t want to run at all?” Oh yeah there I go again – too deep…

3) FAITH – wow don’t know how I didn’t shout out how upset I was at the nervous laughter when a panelist derided my faith last night. Oh yeah, it’s allowed because it’s open season on Catholics in the U.S.? That’s right I’m a Roman Catholic. Very proud of it! So panelist, when you talk about the “Sisters of Mercy” that is a special group to me. The fact that you are “bragging” about your mentorship of them and using it as a punch line made me want to punch something! As I was with a new friend of faith and her friends from church, I didn’t want to make a scene so I got up and left, went to the bathroom and splashed cold water on my face. It was not as feminine an exit as I had hoped (I’m not used to a skirt ok?) and my return was markedly noticed and I walked as gracefully as I could, with my skirt tucked into my pantyhose! Yeah – that’s me! Thankfully a nice woman pointed this out.

Back to FAITH – see I had just be subjected to almost 90 minutes of “local woman entrepreneur experts” testimony on what made them successful.  I never heard one thing about FAITH. I had just written a note in my leather bound fancy idea journal (I felt like a Jr. High girl passing notes!) to my new friend, “How come they are afraid to talk about FAITH?” and then it happened. God made apparent. Literally 30 seconds after she acknowledged she was thinking the same thing – the nuns issue came out, the nervous laughter and then the panelist’s quote, “They think they can just pray and make it happen!”

Well my new friend looked at me, her friends from church looked at me and went, mouth agape, “Oh my goodness!” You just wrote that!”

 Yup – welcome to my world “sisters”!

Stay true to who you are. Pray if that’s what you do, meditate if you like, or just be still. The ONLY one you listen to is your breathing. Listen to your God. You KNOW what to do. Have confidence that you are faith-filled, wise and disciplined enough to hear it. Be ready to listen…