Happy Birthday Hubasaurus


Dear Hubasaurus,
It has been 30 birthdays that I’ve spent with you today. How did THAT happen? I’ve seen you grow from a young athlete just out of college and in a new career, to an amazing husband and now an amazing father, coach and friend – almost ready for retirement!

We have not always had it easy, but you’ve always been by my side through it all. Thanks for helping me create the Fullasaurus Five and being my husband. Best wishes for many many more years of love, laughter and a lot of craziness!

Love always,


Welcome To the Machine

crockpot, disabilty, hockeymom, motherhood

After quite a few asks, I have decided to throw my hat into the Blogging Arena. Wish me luck, I think I’m crazy, but then again, we already knew that!

Find me here, or at the coldest hockey rink – I’d say go with the blog – you can wear your pjs and drink some tea!

Why do my children love the coldest sport – ice hockey – in the most torturous place for me, with multiple inflammatory joint diseases? Just asking…

That being said, what do I put in that damned crockpot?