September Morn or Mourning?

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Thinking a lot about loss. About choices. About chance. About love. About family.

September Morn

The sadness I feel on this September “mourn” makes me realize how lucky I truly am and makes me just want to shake it off.

Am I crazy? Am I the only mom that actually misses her children when they go back to school?  My children are healthy, happy and enjoy school – what’s to miss?

I miss the impromptu dance parties. The water gun fights. The hikes in the woods.

I miss the non stop chattering of excitement. I miss the never ending slew of questions of curiosity. I miss them!

So what is a Mamasaurus to do? Dance party!!!!!!



One thought on “September Morn or Mourning?

  1. This was one of the reasons we decided to bring the children home from school 5 years ago. We felt they were spending too much time away from the most important part of their life — the family. Not to mention the academics of the school were failing most of the children and they bullying was getting out of hand.

    Did the children miss going to school, they did for awhile, but know they wouldn’t have it any other way. Well, most days. 🙂


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